Shipping and Handling for CPES in Europe and the UK

When Can I expect My Delivery?

We normally package shipments in the evening (7PM typically), and they are collected by the carriers on the morning of the next day. If your order is placed after we have fulfilled today’s orders this will happen next working day of course. You will receive a completion email once the shipment is fulfilled, carrying tracking information.

We thus expect you to get your shipment this number of working (week) days after you order (Assuming you have ordered before our cut-off, add 1 working day if you ordered in the evening):

  • Hermes: 3 Days
  • UPS: 2 Days
  • DPD: 2 Days

As an example, a Hermes delivery where the order is placed Thursday daytime will normally be delivered on the following Tuesday.

Please note that these delivery times are NOT guaranteed. If you have a particular deadline please do let us know prior to ordering, and we will do everything we can to try to meet your delivery requirements.

Shipping and Handling Charges

We are not trying to make money from shipping and handling, our margin is built into the product, and our intent is to charge around £1 for packaging materials and packaging time per order. We feel this is a very minimal charge, and probably only covers the cost of the packaging materials themselves. Also please bear in mind that CPES and most of the other products that we sell require careful packaging and often have restrictions on how they can be delivered.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping to Mainland UK destinations for orders over £75 and to mainland European destinations for orders over £300.

What Will Shipping Cost Me?

it is impossible to accurately calculate shipping charges until the checkout process as the cost of shipping will depend upon the weight and most importantly the destination. We do however offer the following estimates to allow you to make an informed decision early in the buying process:

  • UK. 380ml Glue pack / Fill it etc. – £4
  • UK. 0.95 Litre CPES – £5
  • UK. Large repair Kit / 1.9 Litre CPES – FREE
  • Europe Oak and Teak Syringe – £5
  • Europe Oak and Teak 380 ml / Fill-It 380ml NO CPES (Airmail) – £6.25
  • Europe. Up to 10kg (ie 8 Litres CPES) – £25
  • Europe. Up to 25kg (ie 20 Litres CPES) – £40 or FREE

What if I want cheaper shipping?

If you find a way that we can serve a particular destination cheaper we will be very happy to try to use it, and add additional price tables to allow you to benefit from the savings. Please use the contact form to let us know.

As we grow and handle more destinations more regularly, with larger volumes through carriers, we will be able to get better rates for shipping. These savings will then be passed on to our customers.

What if I Want to Collect?

Pickup is available by prior arrangement only. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.