Sealing Buffalo Board

Edge Sealing Buffalo Board To Enhance Life

High durability boards such as ATP’s Buffalo Board are regularly used in harsh environments  where water and other contaminants will be found. The tough phonolic film surface on the plywood resists attack from many common chemicals and offers a waterproof finish.

However, the boards will have to be cut to size, or joined together, and this action will expose the high quality plywood substrate to attack by the elements, Sealing Buffalo Board cut edges will be required to maintain the full life of this product.

Using Smiths Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer to Seal Buffalo Board Cut Edges


A customer was using Buffalo® Board on the deck of his boat, and was worried about the edge sealing. Whilst other sources recommend sealing with paints or thinned varnishes, neither of these will offer anything like the same level of protection to the plywood as the phenolic surface that you are paying for with Buffalo® Board. In order to obtain the full life of this premium product our customer asked if Smiths CPES could be used to seal the edges.

Sealing with Smiths CPES

The ability of Smiths CPES to deeply penetrate the edges of plywood and to seal it against the elements are well documented, and it’s performance on the high quality ply base found in Buffalo® Board will be excellent.

The real question was ‘will the solvents that carry Smiths CPES deep into the timber damage the phenolic surface’, we decided to find out:

  1. The cut edge of the Buffalo Board was immersed in Smiths CPES for 5 minutes. This will give significant exposure of the board, and phenolic coating, to the CPESSealing Buffalo Board By Immersion
  2. The board was then left to evaporate and dry out for half an hour
  3. Two more cycles of soaking (5 minutes) and drying (30 minutes) were then performed
  4. The board was then left for the CPES to cure, another 3 days

The phenolic surface on the board had suffered no damage whatsoever from the application of the Smiths CPES.


Sealed Buffalo Board Edge Sealing Phenolic Board EdgesSealing Buffalo Board

Our sealing Buffalo board edges was complete, The Smiths CPES will offer an excellent base for permanent caulks, if required.

We now wanted to see how deeply we had penetrated the plywood base while sealing buffalo board cut edges. The Buffalo Board was dutifully cut in half: