Rotten Wood Repair Kits for Windows, Doors, Boats and Other Soft or Hard Wood Products

Rotten Wood Repair Kits are ideal for the restoration of Windows, Doors and Boats, anything made of wood with a rotten area is an ideal candidate for restoration with a repair kit.

These are premium repair kits, comprised of a pair of very high performance two part products. They may appear expensive, but the real cost of any repair is never the materials, and is always the time required to do the job properly (normally proper surface preparation).

How will this repair my wood?

The CPES will consolidate rotten timber, penetrating deeply into the damaged wood to consolidate and toughen it whilst stopping the rot completely. The Fill-It filler will bond strongly to the CPES saturated timber, offering a permanent flexible repair which is bonded to the underlying wood. Your rotten wood repair will be permanent.

Will It Save Money?

The final finish, whether paint or varnish, will bond thoroughly to the CPES reducing maintenance costs and increasing durability. It is often far cheaper to repair than replace, and these products will affect a permanent repair that will last.

All repair kits are supplied with CPES and Fill-It at a discount to purchasing them separately.

rotten wood repair kit

Rotten Wood Repair Instructions:

  1. Remove any paint from the rotten wood repair area. It is recommended to remove paint from the entire piece if you can as the CPES will make any good wood very resistant to rot in the future, and will further make your paint or varnish finish last much longer
  2. Remove any wood that is so rotten that it can be removed with your fingers. Retain anything firmer than this as CPES will harden it to the point where it will carry screws and filler without failure
  3. Allow the wood to dry out thoroughly before continuing with your rotten wood repair. Dry timber is much easier for the CPES to penetrate into.
  4. Before applying CPES ensure that you can keep the work area dry until it has chemically cured
  5. Apply several coats of CPES to the wood, allow as much to be absorbed as the wood will take. One mixing can be used to apply three or four coats within one day. Keep mixed CPES covered between coats. Allow 24 hours to dry and partially set after the final coat. There should be no solvent smell and the surface should be firm to the touch
  6. Once the wood is saturated, the last coat will dry with a sheen, indicating that the wood will absorb no more
  7. Now mix and use the filler to restore the profile on any rotten areas removed in step 2. Allow the filler to set before any final finishing. Colouring Kits are available if required and may be used to colour the filler to the colour of the damaged wood to allow varnish or clear finishes to be applied.
  8. Apply a final sealing coat of CPES over the filler and wood. This will promote the adhesion of your paint or varnish top coat, reducing maintenance and extending life
  9. Your rotten wood repair should now be complete, and will just require finishing. The timber should now be very hard and highly resistant to further rot or water damage. The CPES dries as flexible as wood, and is also micro-porous, so the surface is very hard to damage yet will still allow the timber to breathe
  10. Apply the first top coat 24 hours after the final coat of CPES typically, The CPES should be dry to the touch, and not smell of solvents, but still be chemically curing. It will bond to the top coat, gluing it to the wood in a very permanent manner. As the restored wood will still breathe, micro-porous paints may be used to good effect

These are only very brief instructions, full instructions are included with each kit, and if you have specific problems, such as nail rot, we can advise you on how best to deal with those. Please contact us for assistance if this is the case.

What About The Rest Of My Old Window Frame Though?

While repairing a rotten section of any exterior wood item, if the entire exposed surface is cleaned back to bare wood (and dried if it is damp) it can be sealed with CPES whilst the repaired area is being restored. This treatment will seal the exterior surface of the wood permanently against the elements, particularly protecting end grain and vulnerable areas of the item. This finish will be breathable, allowing for micro-porous paints to be used to good effect. Furthermore the CPES will bond the final finish to the last coat of CPES very strongly, reducing future maintenance requirements if the final finish is applied whilst the CPES is chemically setting.

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 3 reviews
by andrew stephene on Repair Kit
so far so good

Only used a small amont so far but results excellent

by Michael on Repair Kit
Sealer & Filler

Only time will tell but if using these products on some early rot in my window frames cures the problem then 5 stars would be well deserved. th sealer/hardener was easy to apply & appeared to penetrate well. Unlike other epoxy based products it was slow to cure giving it time to penetrate deeply. The filler was quite easy to mix & apply even to vertical sections. Once again its slow cure allowed time to squeeze it into difficult timber sections. once set it is very hard but capable of being cut & sanded rather like a hardwood. So far I am very impressed & have recommended it to others including a local builder.

by Keith Jones on Repair Kit
Amazing Product

I purchased the small repair kit to repair the base of a load bearing strut support a small gable window that had partially rotted. These products are amazing, customer support is second to none, even on a Sunday. Followed they instructions to the letter and the repair is as good as the original. I was pondering whether to purchase because of the cost, but I can assure you this is well worth the money. The only other alternative was to remove the base of the strut and splice in a new piece which would have been difficult and expensive.

£15.00 (GBP) per pack
£19.00 (GBP) per pack
£75.00 (GBP) per pack
£108.00 (GBP) per pack
£115.00 (GBP) per pack
£146.00 (GBP) per pack
£380.00 (GBP) per pack