Oak And Teak Epoxy Syringe 30ml

£10.00 (GBP) per pack
syringe Epoxy wood glue all wood glue

Oak and Teak Epoxy Syringe, the ‘all wood glue’, is perfect for gluing all woods including oily hardwood’s which are notoriously hard to bond to reliably.

With proper surface preparation this glue will bond almost anything to almost anything.

Surface preparation for metals can be found here.

Packaged in a 30ml dual barrel syringe. This is the perfect package for occasional use of small quantities of the ultimate wood glue, as it allows for very easy dispensing of the correct 50/50 ratio of both components in the exact quantity required. As a result there is very little waste, and no mess. The syringe is resealable with the supplied keyed plug after use for clean storage till the next use. The keying of the cap prevents inadvertent mixing of the hardener and resin when sealing the syringe after use.

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 14 reviews
by Andrew on Oak And Teak Epoxy

I make wooden laminated longbows and have found this to be the best epoxy for gluing the woods together ,Bamboo, Padauk, Rosewood,Iroko,Wenge,IPE,Maple... more ...

by Alison Edwards on Oak And Teak Epoxy
My first DIY repair

After my lovely dining chair broke I decided to do my own repair rather than trust the job to another after some less than prefect previous experiences... more ...

by Stephen Westwood on Oak And Teak Epoxy
Oak and Teak Epoxy

This product is fantastic. To try the product out I made a simple biscuit joint - much quicker than mortice and tenon - followed the instructions carefully... more ...

by Derek on Oak And Teak Epoxy
Oak and Teak Epoxy

On a bus restoration project, I needed to plug up some oversized bolt holes, in the ash framework, and re-drill them. With another adhesive, I found that... more ...

by alasdair ramsay on Oak And Teak Epoxy
great stuff

The best oak glue I have found. Saves all that joint preparation (cleaning mortices etc). Any excess cleans off when joints are cleaned. Highly recommended... more ...

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