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The colour matching kit is ideal for colouring Fill-It filler to match the colour of the wood being repaired. Ample pigment is included for colouring 2 litres of filler and full instructions are included.

Four pigments are included in the colouring kit for Fill-It epoxy filler, allowing most natural wood colours to be accurately replicated, and with care it is even possible to recreate a grain effect.

Colouring Kit for Fill-It epoxy filler Instructions

The Fill-It parts A and B should be mixed together as the product instructions recommend. Then, as each pigment is added, colour will develop with mixing. Continue mixing until no further colour change is seen with continued mixing. Only then add another colour pigment.
Add a small amount of dry white pigment, perhaps a tablespoon or two for a mixed quart. Next, a small amount of red or yellow may be added to approximate the red-yellow balance. Then add a little black to darken to the desired colour. Then, try a little more red or yellow if needed. Should the mix be too dark, add some more white to lighten the mix. The total amount of white pigment needed may be comparable to or much more than the total amount of all the other tinting pigments, as a VERY rough guide. Very dark woods will need less white, and will usually have more red than yellow.

Author’s tips for colouring Fill-It epoxy filler

Two small filling knives, one to scrape from each tub of Fill-It, and to clean each other with when mixing. Use these on a bit of scrap plywood or similar to mix and colour the filler.

There is a certain knack to colouring filler to match your timber. you will get better at it with practice. I recommend mixing a small amount of filler and colouring it up to match your timber a few times until you get good at it.

Once you are proficient I recommend mixing enough filler in one go to do the entire job. It is easier to match wood than filler, honestly.

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Colouring Kit for Smiths Fill-It MSDS

Red Pigment MSDS

Yellow Pigment MSDS

Black Pigment MSDS

White Pigment MSDS


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