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Product Reviews

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Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES) Reviews

Fill-It Waterproof Flexible Epoxy Filler Reviews

Oak And Teak Permanent Waterproof Epoxy Glue Reviews

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Guitar Maker March 2015: Product Review – Oak & Teak Epoxy

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Whilst we don’t recommend you to buy from there, as we have to cover the additional cost of the eBay fees and we cannot afford to offer free shipping etc, the reviews are freely available for all to see:

MakeWoodGood Product Reviews For CPES and Oak and Teak Epoxy

Reviews from our Customers

by Stewart on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Wood saviour

I only wish I had known about cpes before my new windows were installed one year ago. Excellent delivery, brilliant product, from now on any cuts to wood and bare wood will have cpes applied. Very highly recommended. Maybe an info blitz to selected builders/joiners around the country would highlight this amazing product.

by masterworks on Make Wood Good Ltd.
My review is about this company, Make Wood Good

I have used these products for over 20 years. I know the inventor personally as I had a warehouse next to his in Richmond, CA. I used to go into his shop to purchase and to discuss bonding mechanisms and restoration methods. I know the science behind these products is solid. I know they work. My review is about this company, Make Wood Good. I recently moved to Europe and thought it might be more difficult to get these products. Thank God I found Make Wood Good. I had a problem with the payment method at first, but the owner called me directly and fixed it right away on the phone and sent me the products quickly and professionally. What more do you want? Friendly service the way it should be is exactly what I received. I will purchase exclusively from this company as long as I am in Europe. If you find somebody solid and good… stick with them!!!

by Duncan Reynolds on Blank Business Name
Indoor Planters

Instead of lining all my orangery planters with plastic, I decided to use CPES. It was very easy to apply, and so far has worked brilliantly. My planters are on a wall inside, so I did not want water dripping down the wall from my automatic watering system. So far so good, I do keep checking the underside of each planter, and to this point no water is seeping through at all. I should just mention that I did apply a silicone sealant to the joints between each wals and the floor first as well as the CPES. Whilst I was applying the CPES I had a question about multiple coats. I posted the question, and within hours had received a phone call and was talked through exactly what to do. So all in all, for the product and the customer service, I would heartily recommend CPES.

by Eric Sarazin on Make Wood Good Ltd.

Very professional and helpful from the beginning to the very end.A couple of days to deliver the standard goods, a couple of weeks to find and deliver the impossible.Congratulations and thank you !!

great product

The product is great, but the service of Stephen is even greater. I have never seen a webshop that is so fast and helpful. I requested information during a bank holiday weekend and they arranged answers, order picking and shipping during the same weekend despite the massive paperwork for shipping by truck on the bank holiday. Chapeau.

by Andrew on Blank Business Name

I make wooden laminated longbows and have found this to be the best epoxy for gluing the woods together ,Bamboo, Padauk, Rosewood,Iroko,Wenge,IPE,Maple,Osage and others I have had no delaminations and more confidence im this glue over any others i have used

Smiths Epoxy Filler

This stuff works! Used on superstructure of my wooden boat. Easy to mix, easy consistancy. And pretty easy to sand to a super smooth finish. Invisible once painted. Seems to be tough as nails. All good. I did not try mixing it with any pigment, though I will be doing so for another project. Again, expensive. But suspect long term will pay off. And Steve is a great vendor, very helpful phone conversations both before and after purchase. Thanks!

Smiths CPES

I can only comment on the short term at this stage. Steve is a very helpful chap - call him with any questions and he always gets back to you. I used CPES on the teak frame on my boats superstructure prior to varnishing, and it has worked a treat. Very happy. Also has worked wonders on repairing some marine ply parts of the superstructure. Recommend both the product (though expensive for sure) and the vendor - top people.

Yacht rebuild

Have used CPES as a primer prior to painting on ply interior refit of small yacht. Application is simple and effective, a couple of coats sealed the good quality exterior ply I am using. Paint took well to the sealed wood. Obviously yet to see if it helps the wood last longer in the marine environment. Will update when I know!

by Kenzo fuzzy creations on Make Wood Good Ltd.

I was unsure which product to use. The staff were very helpful and friendly. The advice was second to none and very useful. The recommended product worked really well.Thanks again for all of your help.

by Alison Edwards on Blank Business Name
My first DIY repair

After my lovely dining chair broke I decided to do my own repair rather than trust the job to another after some less than prefect previous experiences. The Oak and Teak epoxy was very easy to use and worked perfectly. My only regret was that I had no other jobs to do as I used so little of the product and have almost full tubes left. Great specialist product and quickly delivered.

by Stephen Westwood on Blank Business Name
Oak and Teak Epoxy

This product is fantastic. To try the product out I made a simple biscuit joint - much quicker than mortice and tenon - followed the instructions carefully and left the joint to set for 24 hours. I found it impossible to snap the joint by hand -it is absolutely solid. I have just ordered a larger quantity of the epoxy and am looking forward to assembling 17 oak cabinet doors. Fantastic product - follow the instructions and you will not be disappointed!

by Simon Lyon on Blank Business Name

I use CPES as a primer on new wood prior to varnishing with Epiphanes. The CPES is a doddle to use, I use medication measuring cups to achieve the correct mix and just paint it on, it goes on like water. Keep applying until you achieve a shiny surface then apply the varnish before the primer fully dries. I have used this method on many wooden items on my boat, whether used inside or out and have had fantastic results and good longevity of the coating. I use CPES on new items as well as recoating old ones, it is expensive initialy but will reduce the amount of time, money and effort needed to keep wood looking good in the future.

Oak and Teak Epoxy

On a bus restoration project, I needed to plug up some oversized bolt holes, in the ash framework, and re-drill them. With another adhesive, I found that the remaining thin shell of the ash plug sometimes broke away on re-drilling. I was advised to use epoxy adhesive, and found this to be the solution.

by Elizabeth Smith on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Excellent Service & Excellent Product

We are renovating an old property in France and finding CEPS has been brilliant! We are keeping the old beams visible and applying CEPS has meant that we have been able to better preserve even the worst of the beams. Very easy product to use. We have already ordered our second batch! Great service and delivery from the company. Thanks

by Lubomir on Make Wood Good Ltd.

I m very pleased with the service. I would definitely recommend.

by Brian Sweeney on Render Crack Repair Kit
Render Crack repair kit

I have waited a few months before posting a review because I wanted to check it works, it does. I had about 20m of hairline cracks on a smooth rendered house. I tried various other traditional method over the year but the cracks always came back. I would advise taking some time to ensure a smooth finish after applying the filler as it does not sand well, also check when cutting out the cracks as I came across an electrical cable buried in the render.

by alasdair ramsay on Blank Business Name
great stuff

The best oak glue I have found. Saves all that joint preparation (cleaning mortices etc). Any excess cleans off when joints are cleaned. Highly recommended

by alasdair ramsay on Make Wood Good Ltd.
brilliant customer service

Steve couldn't have been more helpful. Better still, the products are top quality and really do what they say on the tin!

by alasdair ramsay on Blank Business Name
tannin pull

Used the product to stop tannin pull in exterior white oak doors. Seems to have worked very well but cannot rate it yet until I see what the worst of the weather can do over the winter. Will get back in the spring hopefully with a 5 * rating

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