Fill-It – The flexible wood filler with epoxy strength

Fill-It Flexible Wood Filler is the perfect partner to CPES for restoring wood. The filler that lasts, the permanent solution. Do it once, do it Right.

Smiths Fill-It offers:

  • Long working time
  • No sag
  • Easy to work
  • Easy to sand or carve
  • Flexible
  • Cures down to -2 degrees (28°F)
  • High strength, can be drilled or tapped for fasteners

Smiths Fill-It flexible wood filler


Fill-It epoxy filler represents a breakthrough in the technology of filling compounds. using advanced hydrogen bonding technology, it creates a high strength, light weight, non-sagging, easily sanded epoxy filler. It consists of an epoxy resin and a curing agent which are derived from natural wood resins, and so are very compatible with wood. We describe it as a flexible wood filler, as it is made of wood resins and flexes with wood once set.

Use and Properties

The two components of Fill-It epoxy flexible wood filler are slightly different colours in order to aid in mixing. The mixed colour is off-white, but may be coloured if required.The two components are designed to mix one to one by volume. When mixed they become a gel which may be smoothed and worked to a feather edge. After one to two hours in moderate weather it begins to harden, and cures overnight. As soon as it does not gum up the paper it may be sanded, and primers or paints applied. It is easily carved or drilled, and screws may be driven into pilot holes without cracking. It has sufficient compressive strength that it maybe be used to fill defects in ferro-cement boat hulls, and sufficient flexibility that it is suitable for wooden beams, windows and sills, doors or other parts of wood buildings as well as wood or fibreglass boat hull repair.

In order to ensure good adhesion of Fill-It epoxy filler to a surface, the first application should be a thin film smeared forcefully against the surface. An additional quantity may then be applied to build up to the required thickness. The uncured material may be tooled smooth and level by placing a clean new piece of clear 4-mil or 6-mil (4 – 6 thousands of an inch, or the thickness of a piece of 80 – 120 g/sq m paper)  polyethylene sheet over the uncured material and using a squeegee or other tool to smooth the filler through the plastic. Leave the plastic film in place until the filler has cured, when the plastic film may easily be peeled off. In order to ensure adhesion of whatever primer or paint is to be applied next, it is recommended that Fill-It epoxy flexible wood filler be sanded before painting.

Working and Cure times

Fill-It curing chart

More Information

Creators Notes – From the pen of Steve Smith

How to Mix two part chemicals properly

How to colour Fill-It Filler to match wood

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by Andrew Ballantine on Fill-It
Does exactly what it says on the pack

this filler is much better that the usual 2 part fillers for wood. Both parts are a softer consistency which makes it easier to get them out of the tub and easier to mix. Excellent to sand when cured. Once painted the repair is invisible.

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